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Additional Curricular Activities and Requirements for both Life as Art – Biography Studies and Art for Life Diplomas.

Annual Events

Opening Celebration

On Sept. 29, from 7 - 9 p.m. we celebrate our year opening and meet old and new friends. This occasion coincides with the fall equinox and the festival of Michaelmas. Second and third year students traditionally bring a short presentation about the theme of Michaelmas or fall equinox. This is followed by refreshments. Everyone is welcome!

Open Houses and Art Shows

Every term results in artwork that has arisen out of a deep inner process. In order to acknowledge the work that has taken place, but also as a completion and sharing with a larger community, we set up an art show and invite our friends and family, former students and interested newcomers. Although the school sends out some invitations, the majority of guests come through students’ invitations. It is important to help with the set-up and take-down and to be present during open house times. This takes place each term on the weekend following the last class, usually on Saturday evening and part of Sunday. Term break begins after the Open House.

The End-of-Term Review

The only assignment during term breaks is a written review also known as the term paper. It forms an extremely important part of the program and serves the purpose of reviewing, evaluating and creating closure of the previous course, before embarking on the next one. Questions are handed out at the last class of term and papers are handed in on the first day of the new term.

Facilitation Practice

Another important aspect of the learning and self-development process at Arscura is the willingness to take others through a process. Beginning in the second term, students are asked to share with someone, some small part of their learning experience of the previous term. In this way they individualize their learning on an ongoing basis.

Note: All Arscura course content is copyright. The intention of the facilitation practice is not to replicate the full program or term, but to share an aspect of it with another person or small group. These people will certainly benefit from this, but it is not intended to pass on course content. The primary purpose is for students to deepen their learning and the format is no longer than two hours per session, over seven to nine week duration. No home work required.

Social Practice

During the third year, in term eight, everyone will engage in a final social practice in a self-chosen field of practice. This placement is accompanied by weekly group tutorial and peer feedback. Although assistance in choosing a practice is given (suggestions and supporting letters from the school) students are encouraged to actively seek opportunities in fields of their interest. This is the time to fully individualize the learning and design an artistic process according to what seems required in the given situation.

Ceremonies of Recognition (Graduation)

After the completion of the second year of study, students who have satisfied all requirements (day class and core studies) will receive the Foundation Studies certificate. After successful completion of the third year the Diploma of Art in the Healing and Social Fields is awarded. On completion of all nine biography courses and core studies and required assignments the Diploma Life as Art – Biography Studies is granted. Students must attend 90% of classes and complete all assignments successfully to receive the above.


Missed Classes

If you miss a class, please connect with a fellow student in order to obtain the material you missed and to complete the weekly homework assignment. For certificates and diplomas faculty may require evidence that the missed work has been accomplished.

General Housekeeping

For a smooth run of the teaching day, two students volunteer each week to help with set-up, refreshments and clean up. A sign up sheet will be provided on the first day of term.

Cancellation Policy

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee needs to be paid in full by first class. No refunds after the first class.

If terminated in first class the term fee minus 15% will be refunded

Reduced Annual Tuition

The reduced yearly tuition is due by September 1st each year.

If participation is terminated before the year end, the full unreduced term rate applies to the whole year. For each term that has been started no refunds will apply after completion of the first class.

For cancellation after the first term but before the second the tuition is refunded less 15% administration fee.

For cancellation after the second term but before the third the tuition is refunded less 15% administration fee.

All other courses

A $50 deposit is required with all registrations. Remainder is due at the beginning of the class. For cancellation up to 14 days before course commences a full refund applies. For cancellations less the 14 days before the course, a refund of full course fee less 15% administration fee applies.

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